Spotify passes the 3 million paying subscribers

Spotify is doing quite well: according to the Financial Times, the streaming music service would have reached the 3 million paying users at the beginning of the year.

The music service announced last November accumulate 2.5 million subscribers to one of its pay formulas. Today is 3 million users who pay to access Spotify: 4.99 euros per month on a computer for unlimited listening without advertising, or 9.99 euros per month for the same service decorated with the listen offline and mobile streaming. According to the FT, this second subscription, more expensive, is currently contracted by 20% of paid subscribers.

Spotify passes the 3 million paying subscribers

The reasons for the success of Spotify seem to be many: the service has expanded in recent months in many countries, 11 in Europe, but also in the United States where the service came in July, unlimited listening. Later, in September, the announcement of Spotify partnership with Facebook, including the integration of Open Graph very intrusive in the program, has been accompanied by a free offer of six months for all new users. In Indeed, Spotify now has about 15 million users, including 3 pay to access services without advertising and without limit. Launched on September 26, 2011, the offer will expire six months for some users as of Feb. 26: the question will be whether the service will be sufficiently convinced them to subscribe to one of the premium offerings. If so, the subscriber base of Spotify could still experience a substantial increase in the coming weeks. Otherwise, the account will still be accessible, but the timer, which limits free listening to 10 hours per month, will return.

We must therefore see if the service will continue its momentum in recent months or will its users with the free offer now migrate to other services after the 6 months ended. Let us hope that Spotify, which has never been stingy in number, will not fail to communicate about it.


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