SpotLock, lock the iPhone scrolling on the search page

If you have an iPhone already knows the various screens and pages on the device: in addition to its traditional applications on drill, it has a page devoted to searching for files, documents, songs, notes, messages, or simply searching on the Web/Wikipedia. This page is called Spotlight.

SpotLock to lock the iPhone scrolling on the search page

SpotLock a tweak that allows a different use of the search page by simply opening the page on the researches. In addition to the classic power button that allows you to lock the iPhone, you will have another chance to block. The only “drawback” is that, unfortunately, the bar will disappear Spotlight search, thus eliminating the possibility to search for things on your device.

Once installed the tweak, in fact, it disables the SpotLock search immediately. There are no options or icons that identify the tweak, also because there is not much needed since it is the only function that has to play. Now you can try to change the page and go to the leftmost and see how the device will lock. The tweak is freely downloadable from the repository to Cydia BigBoss.


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