Spring Summer Fashion 2012-2013, what’s next for hot days?

Since winter is coming to an end, it shows in the windows of boutiques where they have begun to exhibit the first trends of spring summer 2012/2013. This post will show what are the styles and looks that will take in the summer so you can tailor your shopping list and purchase items most fashionable to put together an outfit worthy of a celebrity.

Spring Summer Fashion 2012-2013

The forest as muse and energize flowers designs. The fabrics with prints inspired by the forest will be as the season inn, the designs of animal print, flowers and jungle vegetation will look much amazing dresses, blouses and skirts super chic.

The transparencies of chiffon dresses and blouses are another option for hot nights, they will be plenty of designs, from the daring to show much skin, which leaves room for imagination taking chiffon detail on the sleeves or back. Pleated garments are other proposals for hot days, both dressed in skirts and blouses as elegant and feminine.

Spring Summer Fashion 2012-2013 accessories

The influence vintage is also required for the new season of heat, this style will look much in party dresses with plunging necklines, skirts them with other clothes made shiny fabrics in vibrant colors. It also will use a lot of tube dresses, tight and bare backs.

The tribal look is imposed much in prints of the clothes as well as various accessories that complement the look such as necklaces and chokers. Parallel Art Deco has influenced designers so it is present in creations with geometric designs filled with spheres, cubes, lines and zigzags.

Spring Summer Fashion 2012-2013

As for the color palette chosen for the spring summer 2012/2013, designers opt for the brighter tones. It will be much tangerine shades, different ranges of lilac, yellow, fuchsia, blue, green cakes, aquamarine, and the obligatory warm gray sand.

But also the color block and still going strong in the more daring looks, and Fluorescent colors will trend in accessories of all kinds up any outfit in neutral tones.

The faded look much progressive lines in designs in all types of garments such as jeans, blouses, skirts, handbags and footwear. The range of colors used is endless and super combined. Meanwhile the stripes continue the reign of the summer, the navy style will be seen in the traditional red, white and blue, as well as a range of vibrant colors.

For bikinis, try again instituted crochet while it is very beautiful and sensual, is not very durable because it tends to stretch rapidly. The colors this time will be much more daring than those used in past seasons.

The look metallic is a top trend for hot nights, this will look in various colors but the most inn obviously going to be silver, gold and bronze.


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