Steps to becoming a data recovery expert

Data recovery experts start out with getting at least a bachelor’s degree in such fields as technology, computer science, information assurance, or computer engineering. In addition, choose some electives, such as disaster recovery, file systems, and computer forensics. The courses probably will not teach about the tools and techniques, so it would be a good idea to become certified in data recovery, disaster prevention, system management, and recovery planning. These certificate classes are held either online or in another location.

Data Recovery - Computer repair
Afterwards, the expert needs to know how to create data recovery plans and use a variety of data backup and recovery programs. This prepares the expert in understanding a variety of storage devices, and to have an in-depth knowledge of the system formats used for the preferred operating systems associated with businesses and individual customers. If the owner of a data recovery business chooses to help other businesses, he also needs to have experience with computer networking and network storage devices; this is the type of device generally used by businesses to store data.

The startup business owner should make sure his personnel are fully trained and certified either through the International Professional Data Recovery Association (IPDRA) or some other reputable trade organization. In planning a startup:

  • Attain excellent, high-quality tools, such as Torx head screwdrivers, specialty pliers, tweezers, top-grade soldering equipment, and heat guns, to name a few. These will be used on a daily basis.
  • Have what is known as a “clean room”. It is used to work on the integral parts of computer storage and hard drives. The room needs to meet at least ISO 1,000 particle standards and feature Laminar flow workbenches that help to lessen how much dust and other particles could contaminate the clients’ hardware.
  • Have a sales team to bring in new customers.
  • Get a business plan drawn up.
  • Before getting the business going, make sure there is no one else with the same business in the immediate area; getting advice is great, but not from another owner who would see this new startup as competition.

This type of business is the perfect niche business because individual clients as well as those in business are hooked into needing more and more data, which at some point could become lost. People are not going to stop needing more and more data from their devices. A data recovery expert has to manage data backups and recover lost or damaged data for businesses, and in working for the general public, individual clients will need recovery of data from hard disks, flash drives, floppy disks, and so on. So, the future looks bright for plenty of opportunities in this business.


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