Strategies applicable to personnel retention

The retention of human capital is an important function not only for the human resources department but for the entire management of a company. However, many managers see their key staff resign and leave, taking valuable knowledge and experience for the organization.


Below, we show you a list of strategies that cover most of the bases:

Bad bosses are those who don't know how to create a pleasant environment

Get them off to a good start

Start by hiring suitable people for the job they are going to do and make sure they understand where they are going to go. A good start is also to offer a new orientation of the employee so that people feel well received and that they are part of a collective.

Create a great environment with bosses respected by people. Managers often assume that company policy and corporate culture determine the work environment. And they do it to some extent. But such a policy can be avoided. In any case, the environment of a department or a unit is more important to people than the culture of the corporation as a whole.

Bad bosses are those who don’t know how to create a pleasant environment. How many unit managers or supervisors are totally oblivious to their reports? How many give them a tantrum and admonish their subordinates in public, blame others for their mistakes or never have the deference of saying “thank you, are you doing a good job”? If managers or supervisors are overbearing, employees with better skills will want to leave. In the end, it is better to replace poor managers or supervisors than to replace good employees.

Share the information

Offer information for free about the company, financial performance, strategies and plans. Tell your employees that you trust them, that they are important partners of the company and that you respect their ability to understand and contribute to the company as a whole.

Offer people the greatest possible autonomy

Many people like to work with minimal supervision, so you should leave them as freely as possible. That will make them happier and their work, as a manager, will be easier.

Point out a challenge to people

Most people, especially those you want to retain, enjoy the challenge because that makes them feel that you have placed high expectations on them that you hope will be met. For that reason, you must put more challenges on people and offer them all the support they need to succeed.

Be flexible

Flexible labor agreements are very successful in retaining employees, but you should know that not all managers have the necessary authority to establish new labor agreements. However, almost everyone has minimal authority to provide some flexibility to their employees and can sometimes allow an employee to be absent to take care of their child or go to the doctor.

Employees who are saturated with work value that kind of flexibility.

Design the work in order to encourage retention

There is nothing more discouraging for an intelligent employee than solving repetitive work, or being very isolated, or having a job that is not very stimulating or even unpleasant. Therefore, if you observe that there is a high degree of dismissal in a given job category, you should take a look at what you require daily in their corresponding positions.

Identify defectors immediately

What is a great work environment or a good job is a matter of opinion. What is a challenge for one person may be insurmountable for another. You will not know how well you are doing, unless you ask.

Orient your management towards retention

Never forget that part of your responsibility as a manager is to ensure an adequate workforce in each unit. Retaining good and excellent workers is part of that job. For that reason, you should be careful in the way you direct people, as well as in the programming of workload. Are you that kind of boss who runs your company in a way that encourages the best employees to stay or, on the contrary, throws them out?


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