Subsidy for child care: An overview

Subsidy for child care – employers can ease through tax-free child care and social assistance to reconcile work and family.

Do the parents work, it is not always easy to comprehensive care of children with the profession to agree satisfactorily. Employers can, however, especially young families with small children through a grant to support child care efficiently.

Subsidy for child care - employers can ease through tax-free child care and social assistance to reconcile work and family

Child care subsidy – an important criterion in the job search

Easier for a child care subsidy, the reconciliation of work and the care of children. Anyone who sets out to find a new job, should appeal to his employer about this possibility. More and more employers to offer support and easy ways to include the child care subsidy, which is not only tax free but are paid for and no social security contributions, have provided this is done instead of a wage increase. This eliminates all tax claims, such as contributions for pensions, nursing, medical and unemployment insurance as well as deductions by the solidarity surcharge and church or the income tax. The subsidy for child care proves to be an efficient way to combine family and work.

Child care subsidy: Workers and employers benefit from

The subsidy for child care leads to a relief for both sides and opens up potential savings. While the employer saves on social security, must pay the employee no social security and taxes. The Income Tax Act as well as the wages regulation governing the process and stipulate conditions. Thus, the real costs of care incurred the tax office are presented. The child may have about caring not yet reached the age of six and has proven to be cared for by a child minder or an approved day care center, where the child care needs to be continuous.

The grant assistance may involve only the pure of a child care related, involve a catering and accommodation. Additional costs incurred such as transportation to the care center should not be considered. The employer must pay the grant in addition to monthly salary, without a salary conversion is performed. The grant to support this must not necessarily cover the total cost. However, the total grant committed by the employer towards the top, so the costs are actually incurred for support by the grant must not be exceeded. The subsidy for child care has a positive effect on both sides.


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