Sugilite: precious stone with healing properties

As one of the rarer minerals of Sugilite is noted for its colorful beauty and positive energy.

At first glance, it does not sting out of the variety of precious stones and is easily confused by lay people with the more common amethyst and other stones with similar color. Mineralogy is considered the Sugilite a ring silicate and belongs to the hexagonal crystal system. Its color is usually deep purple or reddish-purple and can appear in lower purity with gray, brown or black portions of surrounding rock. The higher the quality of the stone, the clearer and brighter the color, either purely transparent, may be banded or speckled.

Sugilite precious stone with healing properties

As a sought after gem

The Sugilite was first found in 1944 in Japan and after its discoverer, the Japanese rock watchers Dr. Kenichi Sugi, named. In trade, the stone is sometimes offered under the name Luvulith and Royal Azel. Meanwhile, there are other sites, including Australia, Italy and South Africa, but because of the low number is Sugilite of high purity to the more expensive gemstones. With a hardness of between six and 6.5 on the Mohs scale, it is already close to the gems, which are defined with a hardness of about seven. In striking inexpensive stones are often dyed jasper counterfeit or plastic that can never imitate the rays of the color of a true copy. Exactly the luminosity and its often unusual structure ensure the high demand for jewelry Sugilite.

Power Stone for the soul

The popularity of this stone has not only aesthetic reasons. In the New Age crystal healing and it is valued for its healing powers and is a symbol of the Aquarian Age, as its late discovery is related to the start of a global awakening to a new era here. As a healing stone Sugilite particularly sensitive people should take to heart, because it acts beneficial to fear, doubt and nervous disorders, self-confidence and strengthens the imagination and to promote the discovery of their own talents. As a protective stone worn on the body it helps to maintain personal integrity and support in achieving their own goals in life. Even with pain of all kinds (especially in head and toothache), it is recommended and can be applied directly to the affected area. Energetically the Sugilite is a strong, intense rock, whose rich color reflect to its inherent strength.


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