Summer makeup trend: the color orange

The orange is the new red of the season. This summer orange is all the rage in all lines of cosmetics and is presented in shadows, glosses, blushes and lipsticks. The range of colors offers warm tones for day to night and ideals tanned skin.


There are more fluorescent, soil, copper or coral. For all styles and looks, orange is the bet that should be present between cosmetics.

Summer makeup trend: the color orange


All major brands offer their own version of this so special color. Here’s a look through all the tones come.


Special orange color Lips

Givenchy: Summer suggested for an explosion of very strong electric colors like blue, green and orange. The name of the collection is Acid Summer and includes a creamy lipstick, long lasting and non-drying. Gelée D’Interdit gloss is also a brand. It is light and sticky. It has a subtle veil of color. It also has the virtue of containing hyaluronic acid which helps to add volume and hydration on the lips.


Neon Orange MAC Lipstick: only the most daring, this color will not go unnoticed because it is fluorescent and striking. Nars wonder lipgloss: brilliant gloss tone, this tone is a blend of mandarin, pink and bright gold.



Special orange color Nails

Givenchy: offers a bright and vibrant orange, called Acid Orange.

Dior: in its line Electric Tropics offers two glazes, Aloha Paradise pink and orange coral to highlight strong nails in a creamy matte.

Summer makeup trend the color orange

Revlon: Line Top Speed that dries in seconds and is very cubritivo comes this very strong citrus tone. Cutex: presents Sweet melon tones and tropical Mango, the first light orange with touches of coral pink and orange clear second.



Special orange color Eyes

NYX Golden Orange: has a very bright shade and color. Pure Color, Estee Lauder, has its shadow In Orange Crush, very orange pigment mate. To soften a bit perfect blend with the tone that accompanies it, a clear ice that brings light.



Special orange color Dust

Compact Mac Surf Baby: It’s called My Paradise, is a peach-orange hue with a detail of flower hibiscus painted in gold in the center. They can be used together or separately. The idea is that with the golden sheen adds more dust, ideal to highlight your tan or evening. NYX Cinnamon Blush: copper orange blush striking is this ideal for darker skin because it also has lots of shine.



The color orange has been the star of European gateways and comes with everything this summer, not so much clothing that is rather by the side of the coral tones, but is imposed on the palette of makeup. In all styles and finishes should be encouraged to color played.


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