Sunrise Faucet: The faucet will touch tomorrow

Sunrise Faucet: The faucet will touch tomorrow

Sunrise Faucet concept gives a glimpse of what might look like tomorrow. A day that does not seem very far since the prototypes have already been made.

Sunrise Faucet, with its winged shape and flat takes the valves in another dimension. Exempt from any mechanical part, this faucet is decidedly high tech 100% multitouch. On one of its “wings”, it displays five buttons tactile. Thus, the user can control the temperature or the flow of water. It is also entitled to an ON / OFF to turn off the tap when not in use to avoid wastage. Featuring an innovative design unquestionably, ultra modern and sophisticated form of Sunrise Faucet is an additional asset.

The designer, Stefano Ollino of Doro Design has designed this faucet. The concept has already received two major awards to his credit: an IF Design Award and reddot Design Award.


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