Superfoods: what do they bring to the body?

Lately, much is being said about superfoods because of the importance of nutrition in health and the benefits of some products in it. But what are they? Under this concept, there is in fact a group of foods with high nutritional properties, such as many vitamins and minerals or a high concentration of healthy fats, among other components, which are the most beneficial.

Within this food group are some that are already a classic and fundamental in the food as is the case of olive oil

The most popular

Within this food group are some that are already a classic and fundamental in the food as is the case of olive oil , which stands out for its contribution to prevent cardiovascular diseases, in addition to having a positive effect on aging by their Antioxidant properties.

The garlic is one of the most beneficial to be helpful in preventing stomach inflammation, as well as broccoli , which helps strengthen the body against diseases such as heart disease, diabetes or cancer, especially intestinal.

This list is even greater as it is also made up of other foods that are booming and which were generally less known so far. This is the case of chia seeds , which have a high concentration of Omega-3, besides being rich in phosphorus, calcium and manganese. In this way, they present a high satiating power, standing out for its contribution of fiber.
The quinoa is another food that is being introduced in the diet, although it is well known in some Latin American countries. Of it, the high protein content is remarkable.

This list includes turmeric , which helps to expel gases and minimize stomach ailments, apart from being relevant its anticancer properties, as well as ginger , which is an excellent mucolytic when it is cooled, although it has many more properties, being one of the most complete.

Finally, there is spirulina, which has been used in different products to lose weight. Now, it is incorporated into the dishes by being rich in proteins, contributing to improve digestion, reduce cholesterol and reduce inflammation.


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