Sustainable mobility: ChargeOn Bike allows you to recharge your smartphone by pedalling

The project is part of a set of proposals to generate and consume clean energy

ChargeOn Bike , through a dynamo, would charge the smartphones with the clean energy generated by pedaling and offer a virtuous experience to the users

We must change the way we generate and consume energy in our daily lives. This is the motto of Clean Energy Challenge , which seeks creative solutions in city centers, where the use of fossil fuels is still predominant.

Together with Ikea Foundation, proposals are sought to integrate renewable energy sources with savings and energy efficiency approaches.

The project is focused on 5 ‘influencers’ cities: Amsterdam, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, New Delhi and Nairobi.

Among the projects chosen for Amsterdam there is ChargeOn Bike, the ideal solution for a city with a distinctly sustainable and ‘cycling’ soul. The project aims to save electricity and raise awareness among 63% of citizens, who on average travel 2.2 miles on the bicycle every day. It is about 630 million km travelled each year.

In the city there are 800,000 bicycles against only 263,000 cars in 2017.

ChargeOn Bike, through a dynamo, would charge the smartphones with the clean energy generated by pedalling and offer a virtuous experience to the users.

A specific App (for Android and iPhone) would define the daily savings targets and the results achieved on the mobile and also link with the other cyclists involved in the effort to contribute to the total decarbonisation goal in 2050. A way to raise awareness and create a community of ‘green cyclists’.

Moreover, in the face of targets achieved, the App would offer expendable credits to obtain discounts in bike shops, coffee shops or other local shops.


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