Swimming for weight loss: does it really work?

It is known that swimming is one of the sports best suited for all types of people, because while exercising all your muscles, not a sport of impact. But does it helps to lose weight really? In this article you will see the comparison between aquatic exercise and sports “on earth”, to know exactly how our body burn fat and how exercise helps to achieve more.

Swimming for weight loss does it really work

Any physical activity, and daily life, requires energy. These calories come from energy reserves that the body stores some as fat and others as glycogen. When you started to swim, in the first minutes of exercise glycogen feed mainly accumulated in the muscles, but this reserve is depleted rather quickly (in about 20 minutes in sedentary people and 30 or 40 people trained in). From the time the glycogen runs out, the body begins to consume the fat you have in reserve. This is the time at which to start the fat loss.

Of course this applies to all aerobic sports, not just the swimming. But the issue is that when trying to lose weight running or doing spinning, for example, you must be very fit to endure an hour’s walk, but an hour of swimming with a little training will be easier to bear.

Of course, to equate the two years, you have to talk about the same intensity. It will not be 40 minutes soaking in water. If the water activity is performed with the same intensity proportional to that used on land, it will lose more weight in the sink, which in the track. The best way to calculate the correct level of intensity is to use the ratio 4×1. This means you should take as swimming 4 times more than running the same distance. If you can run 1500 meters in 6 minutes, you may need more than 24 minutes for swimming the same distance. At that rate you will achieve weight loss.

It also helps reduce the appearance of varicose veins and cellulite. When nothing is being performed muscle activity under water pressure. This causes the liquid to stay in the tissues, especially fat, is pushed into the bloodstream, leaving the legs fully deflated and venous circulation (which generates malfunction varices) in normally.

You have to find a high pace, but always with the aim of trying to spend more time swimming than resting. If you set too strong and then you have to stand thirty seconds to be able to continue that series will not have been useful for weight loss. It would have been better to make the series a little more quiet and rest ten seconds.

Maintaining a constant and serious training, you can be sure that swimming is the best activity to burn fat and tone the body. So if you have not enough training, you better look for a personal trainer to teach the techniques to benefit from increased exercise.


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