Symptoms and treatment of a wasp sting allergy

The treatment of a wasp sting allergy should be performed individually and with the appropriate medications or therapies.

The bodies of many people reacted to a wasp sting allergy, this can sometimes lead to a very serious health problem. If an allergy exists, and it comes to a trick by a wasp, so individuals should respond immediately and make an appropriate treatment of a wasp sting allergy.

Symptoms and treatment of a wasp sting allergy

Manifests itself as a wasp sting?

Around the bite develops an itchy, red and burning wheal, this usually disappears after a few days. In some cases it can also lead to sensitization of the immune system. This means that the next wasp sting can cause an allergic reaction.

The human body responds with severe swelling of the neck and face, especially in severe cases it can come next to the skin redness and a shortness of breath, a circulatory collapse is possible. In the worst case there is an anaphylactic shock. The pain, swelling and redness are also two days after the bite itself is still normal and not to indicate an allergy.

However, the swelling is larger than 5 cm and it comes to other reactions that are not characterized in the vicinity, we can speak of an allergic reaction of the body. In such a case, as soon as possible a treatment of a wasp sting allergy can be made.

What are the symptoms of a wasp sting allergy?

The best-known symptoms are very severe swelling that may occur not only at the sting site, but also on the neck or face. The reddening of the skin is particularly intense and striking. Severe asthma attacks and symptoms are narrowing of the airways.

Is the treatment of a wasp sting allergy is not begun promptly can be the result of a circulatory collapse or anaphylactic shock. By the symptoms and an antibody detection by a blood test in combination with a medical interview, an individual diagnosis.

How is the treatment of a wasp sting allergy?

The treatment of a wasp sting allergy is performed individually and can be made either by drugs or by desensitization. Among the most effective agents include cortisone, antihistamines, mast cell stabilizers and beta-agonists.

The specific immunotherapy offers reliable protection and is the only treatment that combats the causes. Hyposensitization is usually performed in a hospital specialist practice. Patients receive several times a day a very low dose of the insecticide and are sensitized by and by.

After primary treatment is a maintenance phase, this is an outpatient procedure. Occur during this time outpatient injections, the best protection is achieved over a period of 3 to 5 years.

The body is for the treatment of a wasp sting allergy is no longer allergic to wasp stings, and there may be no more serious consequences.


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