MSI GX680 gaming notebook arrives in Japan

Last month MSI announced a new gaming notebook, the MSI GX680 . In Japan, this notebook will be released on April 15 with a price equivalent to about $ 2,700. The MSI GX680-204JP Notebook is powered by an Intel Core… Continue Reading

The arrival of the W500 Tab Iconia Acer AMD Fusion is scheduled for April 15

The Acer Iconia Tab W500, a new tablet Acer AMD-based Fusion is now available for pre-order at U.S. $ 549 and would be coming to the U.S. market on April 15. Acer Windows Iconia The W500 comes with a base… Continue Reading

Cowon PMP C2, a new portable media player

Cowon have unveiled a new portable media player, named Cowon C2, which comes to replace the D2 model. The C2 is equipped with a screen 2.6-inch color LCD with 320 × 240 resolution, storage capacity 4GB/8GB/16GB, built-in speakerphone and microSD… Continue Reading