Natural remedies and cures for spots and stains on skin

natural remedies and cures for stains and skin blemishes

Skin has pigmentation changes which are called stains. ¬†Stains appear due to various factors, pregnancy, genetics, excessive sun exposure are among many others. They are located different area of skin, blemishes as freckles, moles and age spots and each have… Continue Reading

The secrets tips for depigmentation treatment

If you are concerned about the growing spots on the face and you are tired to try all kinds of home remedies and tricks and nothing happens, it may be time to think of a depigmentation treatment. Many of the… Continue Reading

How can you get rid of acne naturally

how to get get rid of acne

There are so many different ways that you can use to get rid of acne naturally. And most of them are actually very effective. Now this article will explain from the outset that there is not only natural ways to… Continue Reading

Diamond peeling and its various applications

The peeling or dermabrasion with diamond is based on mechanical removal and control of the surface layers of the skin. It is a gentle exfoliation that promotes cell regeneration and increased collagen production. Moreover, peeling can achieve an increase in… Continue Reading

Home remedies for acne

The problem of acne affects many women, especially during adolescence, this is due to hormonal changes that cause the skin to become more fat than it should. In addition to specific anti-acne products you can also use homemade recipes that… Continue Reading

Isolagen rejuvenating facial wrinkles and expression lines

Isolagen treatment is a rejuvenating facial wrinkles and expression lines based on cultured cells (fibroblasts) from the very skin of the person to correct the imperfections of the skin. Isolagen treatment is effective in smoothing wrinkles, improving skin depressions acting… Continue Reading