Power Plate: Innovative Vibrating Platform

Power Plate

By using the Power Plate regularly you can reduce weight, tone your muscles, avoid the dreaded cellulite, exercising in less time and enhance your quality of life, in just 30 minutes. Numerous clinical studies endorse the results of this type… Continue Reading

Postoperative care and massage of Abdominoplasty

Postoperative care and massage of Abdominoplasty

Interventions to reduce the abdomen to withdraw excess skin and fat, while strained abdominal muscle wall if necessary. As with any surgery, good results are guaranteed by the experience and professional ability, as well as to monitor the precise indications… Continue Reading

Cosmetic Surgery, Comprehensive Health- breast implant, breast augmentation

Postoperative care and breast implant The success of surgery depends not only on the good performance of the specialist and the correct response of the body but also the care and precautions that are taken after surgery. After breast augmentation… Continue Reading