Environmental factors that cause childhood allergies

Environmental factors that cause childhood allergies

It is essential not to expose the child to dust and not offering foods other than breast milk during the first six months of life. It is best to prevent the onset of allergy. It is recommended to keep it in a clean environment, with few objects and progressively start to offer food. Continue Reading

How to avoid spring allergies

Springtime allergies become more persistent because it is the season of the year in which the plants are in full of flower and occurs pollination, pollen and mites in the atmosphere increases significantly.   Any sign of allergy symptoms the… Continue Reading

Detect histamine allergy – symptoms and treatment options

Histamine allergy occurs in most cases when an intolerance of histamine. Histamine is released during an allergic reaction by the body. Basically, the person is allergic to any type of allergy. Cause of this allergic reaction is not sufficient degradation… Continue Reading

Lactose Allergy – Information for patients

The lactose allergy is actually not an allergy in the strict sense, but a sensitivity to lactose, correctly this is called lactose intolerance. People who suffer from a lactose allergy, eating an ice cream or drinking a glass of milk… Continue Reading

Causes, symptoms and treatment of a protein allergy

Symptoms and treatment of a wasp sting allergy

A protein allergy can treat mainly through strict avoidance of allergenic foods and medical treatment. The number of people with allergic reactions to the consumption of food has risen sharply in recent years. Especially with an egg allergy, it is… Continue Reading

Symptoms and treatment of a wasp sting allergy

The treatment of a wasp sting allergy should be performed individually and with the appropriate medications or therapies. The bodies of many people reacted to a wasp sting allergy, this can sometimes lead to a very serious health problem. If… Continue Reading

Milk protein allergy recognize: Symptoms and Treatment Options

Who wants to see a milk protein allergy may indicate an improvement of symptoms during the abandonment of dairy products. Milk protein allergy is an immune response against the proteins in cow’s milk and this is one of the most… Continue Reading