Cosmetic Surgery for Neck lift to remove wrinkles and sagging

Neck lift to remove wrinkles and sagging

The neck lift you are looking to restore firmness and tone the face losses over time and the effects of gravity. This operation acts on the skin and musculature of the area through increasingly smaller incisions and less invasive. The… Continue Reading

First wrinkles: Natural home treatments to mitigate

Antiaging Recipes and Natural Products

The first wrinkles of the face are what make our most common gestures, those that make the skin fold louder. Wrinkles around the eyes realize all that we laughed in recent years, though initially only subtle lines hardly noticeable, after… Continue Reading

Treatment to remove facial veins and spider veins IPL

With Photofacial treatment that uses intense pulsed light (IPL) can remove sunspots, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, facial veins and spider veins. This is one of the latest advances in dermatology that turns skin red and blotchy in a healthy dermis, smooth and… Continue Reading

Makeup tricks to look younger

The makeup is the best friend of the beautiful women, using simple tricks and techniques and styles you can restart a few years off, the secret itself is in knowing how to use soft colors, natural and discreet that combine… Continue Reading

Skin types or biotypes

The skin is young and not the same as in adolescence, and need daily care to come from premature aging, protect against climate change, pollution and other factors that assaulted her. With just a few minutes of attention can help… Continue Reading

Tension masks and creams to rejuvenate the facial skin

The passage of time has its effects on the skin, which added to external aggression and the lack or inadequate care of the skin, resulting in wrinkles, fine lines and loss of tone. The treatments with tension substances help stimulate… Continue Reading

Reiki and reflexology to relieve stress and facial expression lines fade

Always carry an anti-frizz product

In the field of aesthetics there are plenty of options that strive for beauty outside of the people, and others who work from “inside out”, as in the case of therapies that seek to achieve eastern inner balance, which reflected… Continue Reading

Cosmetics containing royal jelly

Royal jelly has important benefits for the beauty and health of the body, as it carries many healing properties it is also used in the cosmetics industry, either to make creams, lotions and masks, also for the preparation of shampoo,… Continue Reading

Facial nutrition to improve health and quality of facial skin

When the skin loses the lipids it contains, becomes dry, lacking in elasticity and tendency to wrinkle, which is why facial incorporates nutrition into the dermis a combination of natural lipids to restore the original smoothness and vitality. This treatment… Continue Reading