Apple Diet: The apple detoxifies the body

The apple diet is very harmful in the long term for the body because the diet of apples, tea and water is too one-sided. Detoxifying apple days however, are very useful. Everyone knows the health tip “An apple a day… Continue Reading

Treatments with fruit vinegar – applications

Detox treatments with fruit vinegar are good for the skin, and support to lose weight. The fruit vinegar is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach. If the talk is of fruit vinegar,is mostly meant apple vinegar actually. This… Continue Reading

Homer Simpson takes the title of co-pilot in the application iOSTomTom

The voice of Homer Simpson is now available on the App Store from Apple for drivers wishing to be guided by the irreplaceable character of the Simpsons in their road journey. For now, the application is only available in English.… Continue Reading

Five slimming and anti cellulite foods

Red apples, yogurt, green tea, pink grapefruit, pineapple have the properties of the five allies to lose weight and cellulite. Discover with us the five super foods diet that should not be missing from your diet. Put them in your… Continue Reading

Magic Bar: induction charger for Apple Keyboard and Trackpad Magic

Mobe today unveiled the Magic Bar, a standalone desktop accessory able to load the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Trackpad Magic with inductive technology, (almost) without cables. All we have to do is upload the keyboard or trackpad with the Magic… Continue Reading

iOS 4.3.2 could be released within two weeks

Because of some problems affecting users of IOS 4.3.1, Apple could deliver more quickly than expected the next update of its operating system, reveals Boy Genius Report. Also according to the site, this version for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad… Continue Reading