Herbal treatment and natural products for pediculosis Body lice

Pediculosis is the name given to the disease caused by lice. These little pests are small insects, flattened, wingless, dermatological complications that occur in the scalp, hair and head. Lice state larva to nymph or adult louse in three weeks. They usually live about 30 days, during which time each female is capable of laying about 200 eggs. Continue Reading

Sophisticated hair style with boho braids

This season Spring Summer 2011-2012 is characterized in terms of trend hairstyles for imposing looks bohemian and romantic where the braids are inevitable detail. Thus, we started seeing on the runways and then to the celebrities on the red carpet,… Continue Reading

Brush and clean your teeth properly for a bright smile and best health

A good technique of brushing will guarantee the health of your mouth right. If parents are unaware or which is the correct technique of brushing can request help from the dentist , who with the help of models will make… Continue Reading

Caring and avoid breaking the hair dyeing or bleaching

Enhance the beauty of hair and face, cover or take bolder look gray, are the most common reasons for people to dye the hair. Until a few years ago this procedure was considered somewhat risky, because the components of the… Continue Reading

Home remedies for calluses on the feet – an overview

To get the easiest ways to naturally clean and gentle way and smooth legs, without resorting to harmful alkalis need. Basically to say that skin on the feet is not necessarily something harmful. It is a natural protection of the… Continue Reading