Beauty and style for women with cancer

Women with cancer are unique beings in the horoscope, as its sign the element of water predominates are people who can deliver, emotional nature and have a highly developed intuition. They are feminine in their root and their sign is… Continue Reading

Mineral makeup for every type of skin

The mineral makeup is the perfect combination of quality and natural ingredients, pure and beneficial to the skin to the environment. The current mineral makeup lines are bound to solve all the problems of the skin of the modern woman,… Continue Reading

Foot odor and deodorant

By sweating body cools and releases toxins, this process happens all the time and is enhanced when it is hot or situations that alter the metabolism of the body. Many believe that foot odor is due to perspiration, but this… Continue Reading

Beauty & Style Gemini woman

The woman of Gemini is a very sensual and intelligent female, is quick-witted and always seeks to understand a situation before acting. The ethereal beauty and mysterious fragility is a characteristic feature of the sign, its natives are generous with… Continue Reading

Beauty and style of Taurus woman

Taurus women are strong females shapely body, with great beauty and endowed with a deep feminine. In general, taurine has a striking figure with voluptuous curves and very charming appearance, his face is rounded with a broad forehead and lips,… Continue Reading

What’s new in makeup: Violent Lips Lip design

Violent Lips is a new and unique proposal makeup is a tattoo for lips that comes in various designs and colors, as well as you can find it with pictures and drawings striking animal print, dots, lines, boxes, etc. No… Continue Reading