Adhesive makeup, makeup express

When you have a good time to do makeup for those special moments or your skills are not the most precise in applying the shadows, the eyeliner and nail, then there is a solution provided by adhesives makeup. They come… Continue Reading

Skin care: what is the facial tonic

The time you take to shower should not be more than 10 minutes, because excess water will cause your skin to become dehydrated. Remember to always apply a moisturizer after bathing

The facial toner is an essential part of any treatment for the face, and unfortunately is one of the products that are generally less importance to women when making any kind of care your skin. The tonic because of its… Continue Reading

Perfume capsules, the new proposal in perfumery

Developments in this world are homeless, has now launched an amazing proposal in perfumery. Pillbox Japanese brand has created a new form of fragrance with its original line of perfumes Kaoru, which do not respond to the typical way of… Continue Reading

Hydration efficient thermal

The hot springs are extremely beneficial to the skin, pure products without preservatives refresh the skin, have calming effects, decongestants and healing. They are used to energize the skin in the morning and activate blood circulation, and use during the… Continue Reading

What’s new in makeup: Violent Lips Lip design

Violent Lips is a new and unique proposal makeup is a tattoo for lips that comes in various designs and colors, as well as you can find it with pictures and drawings striking animal print, dots, lines, boxes, etc. No… Continue Reading

Makeup for oily skin: how and what kind of products to use

The make up a skin fat is not an easy task because in producing a large amount of sebum the skin becomes shiny, the makeup tends to run out and so quickly noticeable imperfections. Oily skin is characterized by large… Continue Reading