Makeup tricks to look younger

The makeup is the best friend of the beautiful women, using simple tricks and techniques and styles you can restart a few years off, the secret itself is in knowing how to use soft colors, natural and discreet that combine… Continue Reading

Looklet: iPhone application to create a look that fits you

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Adorn yourself by copying the makeup of Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johanson is one of the sexiest women in Hollywood not only for its attractive curves, but the cool beauty of her face which knows best makeup to highlight your strengths, mouth and eyes. First of all to get the… Continue Reading

Evening Makeup: Tips, Tricks, textures and colors

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Types and kinds of false lashes for every occasion and need

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Lymphatic drainage facial to deflate the face

The lymphatic drainage facial massage is performed, energetic and circular epidermal level, not painful and has no side effects. Notably, not a technique that can be made by anyone, only a qualified professional can perform because if done wrong it can cause problems

The lymphatic drainage facial to deflate the face is based on the expert maneuvers undertaken to facilitate fluid drainage and disposal of toxic substances, while conducive to cellular repair. The lymphatic drainage facial massage is performed, energetic and circular epidermal… Continue Reading

Apogee laser hair removal in only 3 short sessions

The Apogee laser is one that offers better results in regards to permanent hair removal, is highly effective for hair removal from legs and underarms. Moreover, the versatility of long pulse allows to safely treat darker skin without causing burns… Continue Reading