Beginners Guide to remove malware and to block them from the beginning

Malware has become a real plague in times for almost everyone connected to the Internet. Malware is the generic term for malicious software and is derived from the English word ‘malicious’, meaning something like ‘evil’. Today, almost anyone can be… Continue Reading

Beginners’ guide: how to Sync Blackberry

Anyone can synchronize his/her Blackberry, either through a CD provided or with an application that is downloaded from the Internet. Both at work and during leisure time, the Blackberry is considered by many as a popular smartphone. Who can synchronize… Continue Reading

Beginners’ guide: How to Delete music from iPhone

As with many other functions, iTunes is the only way to be able to delete music from your iPhone. Unfortunately, there is not a direct way to transfer music files to remove from the smartphone. On the other hand, this is also handy because… Continue Reading