Lemon verbena tea to lose weight and relieve digestive problems

Lemon verbena tea to lose weight

Have you tasted the natural solutions to various health problems stomach pains and sharp to help your diet? The lemon verbena tea is a natural remedy to relieve stomach cramps, indigestion and discomfort also it will help in the diets… Continue Reading

Herpes Simplex: transmission routes, symptoms and treatment

The herpes simplex is an infectious inflammatory disease characterized by skin lesions consisting of small vesicles grouped in clusters and surrounded by a red halo. It is caused by the virus herpes simplex, or herpes simplex virus, which affects the… Continue Reading

Grinberg Method, physical and mental healing

The Grinberg method is a process that seeks to educate the body to reduce suffering, to achieve recovery, wellness and personal growth. Taught to pay attention to the body, failed efforts to differentiate and how to stop doing, is based… Continue Reading