WatchESPN, implementing all programming for ESPN’s iOS

The sports network ESPN has launched its application for iOS called WatchESPN, with which offers users of iPhone, iPod Touch iPad and the ability to view all the programming of their signals ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and ESPN3. Not bad when… Continue Reading

The Hawkeye glasses with MP3, Video Camera has arrived

NU has now presented new highly original sunglasses, sure to be the object of desire for more than one. These are the Hawkeye glasses. The new glasses not only protect your eyes from the intense summer sunlight but also can… Continue Reading

Records, Slides And Audio Cassette Digitizing

You can digitize records, slides, narrow-gauge films and audio cassettes and receive such important memories. In the course of life to collect a lot of memorabilia that would not lose. Especially photos, videos or audio recordings of important experiences are… Continue Reading