Facebook just to the theory of Six degrees

Surely more than once you’ve been surprised to see two people you know from completely different fields are friends on Facebook. This was marked by the theory of six degrees, indicating that any person was related to another for a… Continue Reading

Facebook Purchases Push Pop Press

Very recently electronic publisher Push Pop Press was acquired by Facebook. This startup is dedicated to helping its customers move their traditional physical book format to an electronic format that allows them to be accessible from devices such as iPhone… Continue Reading

A Study Revealed The Words Most Frequently Used By Young People On Facebook

According to an analysis, “words” that have greater use in Facebook for Argentina young people aged between 15 and 21, are “lol” and “XD“. To make a tour of the networks of these adolescents, we have seen that they really… Continue Reading

TV now incorporated Skype: Use Skype on TV

Comcast Corporation, the largest cable operator and home Internet service provider in the United States, will launch a service that will make and receive calls while watching a television program. Customers of Comcast can use Skype on their TVs. The… Continue Reading

Avoid problems with social networks

There is much talk lately about the problems that can cause us that our photographs and personal information is exposed to the public through social networks. However, if we watch a few details can be quite easy to avoid complications… Continue Reading

Rockmelt now available for download, the new social browser

That’s right. RockMelt now available for download, the new social web browser that allows users who have installed on your computer to access directly to all social media sites that exist in the network, or most of them Facebook, Twitter… Continue Reading