Treatment to remove facial veins and spider veins IPL

With Photofacial treatment that uses intense pulsed light (IPL) can remove sunspots, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, facial veins and spider veins. This is one of the latest advances in dermatology that turns skin red and blotchy in a healthy dermis, smooth and… Continue Reading

Home remedies for acne

The problem of acne affects many women, especially during adolescence, this is due to hormonal changes that cause the skin to become more fat than it should. In addition to specific anti-acne products you can also use homemade recipes that… Continue Reading

Skin types or biotypes

The skin is young and not the same as in adolescence, and need daily care to come from premature aging, protect against climate change, pollution and other factors that assaulted her. With just a few minutes of attention can help… Continue Reading

Reiki and reflexology to relieve stress and facial expression lines fade

Always carry an anti-frizz product

In the field of aesthetics there are plenty of options that strive for beauty outside of the people, and others who work from “inside out”, as in the case of therapies that seek to achieve eastern inner balance, which reflected… Continue Reading

Facial nutrition to improve health and quality of facial skin

When the skin loses the lipids it contains, becomes dry, lacking in elasticity and tendency to wrinkle, which is why facial incorporates nutrition into the dermis a combination of natural lipids to restore the original smoothness and vitality. This treatment… Continue Reading

Ultrasonic Peeling skin with imperfections

There are no excuses for not correcting the imperfections of the skin , in addition to traditional treatments of beauty facial, you can improve the appearance of your skin with ultrasonic peeling. This treatment is one that gives better results… Continue Reading