Free online games: Gravity Duck

The online mini-games are a perfect way to spend time entertaining in front of your computer screen. Perhaps to relax in a day of work or study or just to kill hours of boredom at home, on the net there… Continue Reading

Rockmelt now available for download, the new social browser

That’s right. RockMelt now available for download, the new social web browser that allows users who have installed on your computer to access directly to all social media sites that exist in the network, or most of them Facebook, Twitter… Continue Reading

Google I/O: Chromebook announced, available from June 15

The Google Chromebook has become a reality. The CR-48 notebook with Google Chrome OS was announced in December 2010, but the version for mass production, called simply Chromebook, has been revealed only to the Google I / O 2011. The… Continue Reading

Open Battlefield Play4Free Beta

After providing us with Battlefield Heroes, a cartoon version of its free and free of war, EA is about to complete a realistic version, but also free of its popular franchise. Announced in November last year, Battlefield Play4Free allows you… Continue Reading

Mixed Games for baby shower invitations

Are you organizing a baby shower for a friend or relative? Remember that you can not forget the games! This celebration is the perfect excuse for the mother to have fun with your loved ones and a way is playing… Continue Reading

100 million downloads for Firefox 4

Proud to have achieved this important milestone evidencing its success, the Mozilla Foundation now boasts over 106 million downloads for the fourth version of its Firefox browser, just four weeks after its launch. Firefox’s popularity is undeniable since its delivery,… Continue Reading

Kiwili, a new web application for project and business management

The Montreal Company Kiwili just launched this week its web application dedicated to self-employed and small business which seeks to facilitate the management of quotations, invoicing, expenditure tracking, project management and accounting reports and time. Better organize and communicate better… Continue Reading

AVG launches Livek, storage space in the cloud

AVG wants to deliver an online storage space to users, allowing them to transfer data in order to be able to retrieve them from any PC or Mac and a terminal or iOS Android, through the application of AVG. However,… Continue Reading