Two days before the election, the German Pirate Party is deprived of its servers

Friday morning at 9:15 the German Pirate Party saw its servers seized at the request of French authorities by the German police authorities. An unpleasant situation for the sixth German political force and its 12,000 members had two days of… Continue Reading

Fujitsu Lifebook E741/C now powered with biometric palm of your hand

Thousands of sensitive files, such as phone books, email, personal documents as well as private information etc are stored in Laptops. Protecting this valuable content from intruders is very important. For this reason, many solutions have been created over the… Continue Reading

Anonymous halts its attack against Sony for many players

PlayStation Network enjoys a moment of respite from Thursday, April 7, since the group Anonymous has ceased attacks against Sony’s online site. Anonymous made an announcement that comes close to a mea culpa. After realizing that the players were the… Continue Reading

Operation Payback for PlayStation 3: Anonymous makes life difficult for Sony

Through its website, Anonymous announced that Sony will be a cyber attack, named # opsony for the occasion. These reprisals against Sony by Anonymous in light of its legal proceedings against the pirate GeoHot, who had published his methods of… Continue Reading