Postoperative care and massage of Abdominoplasty

Postoperative care and massage of Abdominoplasty

Interventions to reduce the abdomen to withdraw excess skin and fat, while strained abdominal muscle wall if necessary. As with any surgery, good results are guaranteed by the experience and professional ability, as well as to monitor the precise indications… Continue Reading

Treatments to rejuvenate the lips

The lips are an important part of the sensuality of a woman, so beautiful and keeping them healthy is important for all. They consist of muscle which is covered by subcutaneous tissue and protected by a delicate skin. The passage… Continue Reading

Prevention of biliary colic

The cramps are painful episodes that are caused by obstruction of the gall bladder, urinary tract or kidneys, causing the occurrence of painful symptoms. It is also necessary to outline the known as menstrual cramps (or dysmenorrhoea ), which appear… Continue Reading