Pollution even at home

The fridge, cleaners, through food packaging, the house is haunted by hazards and health risks. What’s more comforting, more reassuring than your little nest! A hidden from view, finally you think you are safe.¬†Well you’re wrong! The enemy is here:… Continue Reading

Indoor air pollution and health problem

Regular monitoring of temperatures and ventilation eliminates excess moisture, causing condensation and mold on the surface of materials. Also be sure to remove stains as they occur very often and washing carpets.

The invisible enemy in the quality of indoor air. Ventilate, open doors and windows if you want to breathe healthy! Pollution is not only outside, there are chemical or biological pollutants inside buildings. Although little known yet, indoor air pollution… Continue Reading

Metabolism and weight loss: how many calories you burn?

Look closer physical activity and metabolism. Although you have little control over the speed of your metabolism, you can control how many calories you burn through your physical activity level. Plus you’re active you can burn more calories. In fact,… Continue Reading

Carrot cake: a good recipe for those who make sport

With its high caloric intake replaces the first course, and thanks to the vitamin B regenerates the muscles and nervous system. A recipe that replaces the first course This recipe gives you a great dish – perhaps to be accompanied… Continue Reading

The integrator and Momordica Papaya: full of vitality

This supplement obtained from papaya and mix of Momordica, an excellent tonic, digestive and helps you lose weight. Papaya and Momordica Supplements: Energy at the top! The supplement that here present carries out a deep cell regeneration and improvement of… Continue Reading

The benefits of vitamin A

Vitamin A is an excellent treatment for visual disorders, promotes bone growth, protects and maintains healthy skin. Where is the vitamin A Vitamin A is cod liver oil, liver, egg yolk, butter, and in many vegetables such as raw carrots,… Continue Reading

My child never wants to sit at the table. What do I do?

The impatience of children to sit at the table should not worry, it is a good sign and shows us that children are becoming independent Children are fast: being at the table is not for them Children do not like… Continue Reading