Reiki and reflexology to relieve stress and facial expression lines fade

Always carry an anti-frizz product

In the field of aesthetics there are plenty of options that strive for beauty outside of the people, and others who work from “inside out”, as in the case of therapies that seek to achieve eastern inner balance, which reflected… Continue Reading

Grinberg Method, physical and mental healing

The Grinberg method is a process that seeks to educate the body to reduce suffering, to achieve recovery, wellness and personal growth. Taught to pay attention to the body, failed efforts to differentiate and how to stop doing, is based… Continue Reading

10 tips to Keep fit in the spring

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Keeping Fit in the spring after a long winter where activity was reduced or absent, is not always easy. After winter, you may be tempted to go out and play sports when the weather improves, to accompany any plan to… Continue Reading