The secrets tips for depigmentation treatment

If you are concerned about the growing spots on the face and you are tired to try all kinds of home remedies and tricks and nothing happens, it may be time to think of a depigmentation treatment. Many of the… Continue Reading

Contact lenses for dry eyes

Look for contact lenses for dry eyes to a low water content of the lenses, the oxygen permeability and be inspired by a doctor or optician advised individually. Many people who suffer from dry eyes. Whether in the office, in… Continue Reading

Double vision, diplopia: help for sufferers

Reasons for seeing double images, there are many, so for patients often begins a long way in finding the diagnosis and subsequent therapy. For spatial seeing typically twelve muscles of the eyes and three nerves in the brain are responsible.… Continue Reading

Eye training exercises for pleasant eyes

Look through for hours on the monitor, your eyes are exposed to high loads and stress. Thus they are often overworked and tired and need rest badly. Since the viewing distance remains constant throughout the day, the muscles are loaded… Continue Reading

Finished glasses: A substitute for individual preparation?

A finished eyeglass best to use only in emergencies, because otherwise at risk of further eye damage and deterioration of vision. You often see them in supermarkets and department stores: reading glasses, which in certain strengths as a finished glasses… Continue Reading

Twitching of the eyelids-causes and remedies

A constant twitching of the eyelids feel most affected as a nuisance, but there are ways to do something about it. If one eyelid suddenly begins to twitch violently and persistently that many patients find disturbing. Especially around the eyes… Continue Reading

Short-sightedness or Myopia can be laser: the need to consider

Corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses can be used on a nearsightedness. For many people, these visual aids, however, very disturbing and therefore is considered is surgery, then to let the laser myopia. Before the procedure should allow the parties to… Continue Reading