Tips to consider before living with a partner

It is time dream finally you’re going to live with your partner. You are wanting to spend every waking minute with him, having to walk over with clothes and forth, you can cuddle every night … wake up! This big… Continue Reading

Smoking and contraception: Precautions and Contraindications

The evolution of smoking in women is different from that of men. Women smoking started in developed countries just before the Second World War. However, significant sociological changes, as they were joining the workforce and the movement for emancipation and… Continue Reading

Coping with nerves and stress during your wedding preparations

Overwhelmed by wedding preparations, expenses and family interventions future spouses may have reactions of hostility, indifference and escape. Their relationship can enter into crisis because of the so-called pre-wedding stress . As the days go by and that date gets… Continue Reading

Beauty and style for women with cancer

Women with cancer are unique beings in the horoscope, as its sign the element of water predominates are people who can deliver, emotional nature and have a highly developed intuition. They are feminine in their root and their sign is… Continue Reading

Beauty & Style Gemini woman

The woman of Gemini is a very sensual and intelligent female, is quick-witted and always seeks to understand a situation before acting. The ethereal beauty and mysterious fragility is a characteristic feature of the sign, its natives are generous with… Continue Reading

Beauty and style of Taurus woman

Taurus women are strong females shapely body, with great beauty and endowed with a deep feminine. In general, taurine has a striking figure with voluptuous curves and very charming appearance, his face is rounded with a broad forehead and lips,… Continue Reading

Beauty and style of the Aries woman

The sign of the zodiac influences many aspects of a person, from the attitudes, concerns, interests, styles and physical appearance are often determined by the planets that govern the horoscope. In this and subsequent post we will see how the… Continue Reading

How to install and set up your own salon: services, materials and supplies

Creating, installing and setting up a Hall of Beauty sound simple but requires a lot of preparation and investment. Need attention to detail, knowledge (or contact with someone who is) and, above all, highly predisposed to the customer. One can… Continue Reading

Free Android Applications for Women

Smartphones are mobile phones with advanced features such as WiFi, Bluetooth and Camera, among others. In the market for these devices is a very strong bid from the iPhone of Apple, Android and Blackberry. Android not a phone, is an… Continue Reading