The Zen Garden In An Interactive

Zen Garden is a modern forest of six pillars of bamboo six meters high. Their characteristic, they have the ability to interact with passers-by light scattering with her cricket

Have a walk through a garden of lights and sounds for an interactive experience. It is proposed that the newly established studio Roosegaarde. The plant draws its influences from Zen gardens in Asia. Dubbed as Boo, this is a modern… Continue Reading

Advantages and Disadvantages of energy saving lamps

Advantages and Disadvantages of energy saving lamps

Ecology has taken a role relevant to society and therefore increasingly strategies to care for the environment, and one of them is energy saving. Much of the consumption of energy is spent on electric lighting and to reduce that consumption… Continue Reading

Interior decor: Pots with LED Light

pots with LED light

New technologies have a place of security in the modern decor, therefore, innovative products are the order of the day and mixed well with the decor as with elements of more traditional decor. Outdoor spaces are integrated into the home… Continue Reading