Exercise to lose weight at home with a chair

Exercise to lose weight at home with a chair

You may not have a stationary bike, or a vibrating platform, but who does not have a chair at home for exercise? You may never have noticed it for exercising at home, just because the associate to the contrary, rest.… Continue Reading

Secret tips to lose weight with watermelon

Secret tips to lose weight with watermelon

The watermelon is a fruit that has a great ability to remove retained fluid in the body, helping to detoxify, debug and also to lose weight. Its use can be really varied, rising in smoothies, juices or eating normally like… Continue Reading

WeightControl: Phone application for weight control

WeightControl phone application for weight control

It is a common phrase among doctors and nutritionists that it is hard not to lose weight, but maintained. And nothing more true since sustaining a healthy weight and optimal over time actually required a great effort. Fortunately, new technologies… Continue Reading

How do you lose weight with Smart foods

Smart foods help you lose weight

If you want to lose weight quickly without suffering hunger and distress by having your daily normal diet, just incorporate certain foods into your regular menu which themselves aid in weight loss. But do not forget to combine it with… Continue Reading

Lose weight by sleeping

Generally all weight loss programs associate with intense exercise routines, while most people can only lose the extra kilos daily running out, biking or taking some diet. However, not everyone knows what is that good sleep also helps maintain a… Continue Reading

What make you lose weight: depression and obesity

Depression help with weight loss

The depression and obesity are linked, to such an extent that improve the mood of a woman, can help her to lose a lot of extra kilos, a recent investigation confirmed it. Most weight loss programs do not provide enough… Continue Reading