Pronokal Diet against high cholesterol and overweight

Pronokal Diet against high cholesterol and overweight

Pronokal diet consists of different stages or phases and this lowering effect would occur especially in the first phase or active phase. Another feature that suggests diet is said and prepared foods made especially for this diet. Continue Reading

Plants that cause allergies because of the sun effect

There are several types of plants possessing a photoactive substance that can affect the epidermis. If people are wet or sweaty in the sun and are in contact with this sap, originates an allergic reaction.   How to identify them… Continue Reading

Metabolism and weight loss: how many calories you burn?

Look closer physical activity and metabolism. Although you have little control over the speed of your metabolism, you can control how many calories you burn through your physical activity level. Plus you’re active you can burn more calories. In fact,… Continue Reading

Child food and Allergy, Points to be noted

The methods are followed and do not look alike. To avoid allergy in infancy, pediatricians told anything and everything. Diversification and food allergy prevention There is a strong development of allergies, especially in developed countries and highly industrialized. This phenomenon… Continue Reading

Losing weight is easy, if you do not upset your life

The diet you do without being on a diet Yes, the best diet is one that follows without noticing. It is the only diet that is doomed to fail , that does not give you extraordinary results in just one… Continue Reading

Beans and peas line friends

To reduce the waist legumes, especially beans and peas, are not an obstacle but a help, it confirms a recent study from New Zealand. With two servings of vegetables a day helps your line Contrary to what we thought before,… Continue Reading

Green tea with less fat accumulation

For those who want to lose weight can be frustrating to see other people eating large portions of food and not gain weight at all. Why did this happen? The reason is found in the mechanism of accumulation of fat, which in some people work too well. But unexpected help may come from green tea, as published in a study of the journal Nutrion Research, researchers at the Poznan University (Poland) have discovered that - in laboratory animals - this drink is able to influence the mechanism of accumulation of fat .

The mechanism of accumulation of fat may be influenced by green tea, which would be able to slow down the absorption The green tea helps those who must lose weight For those who want to lose weight can be frustrating… Continue Reading