The secrets tips for depigmentation treatment

If you are concerned about the growing spots on the face and you are tired to try all kinds of home remedies and tricks and nothing happens, it may be time to think of a depigmentation treatment. Many of the… Continue Reading

Dermabrasion tipped diamonds: post-treatment care

The quality of care depends on the results after treatment. It is important to protect the area properly because otherwise stains may appear. The reason is that after dermabrasion the deep layers of skin are exposed and therefore susceptible to… Continue Reading

Diamond microdermabrasion, exfoliation, deep abrasion and peeling

Unlike chemical peels and other treatments aesthetic to renew skin and remove imperfections, diamond dermabrasion has some advantages that make it very interesting that treatment. At the same time, it can be used at different levels of the dermis giving… Continue Reading

Diamond microdermabrasion to remove acne scars

The diamond microdermabrasion is a treatment very effective in minimizing or eliminating acne scars, what is sought is to improve the appearance of deeper scars. In cases of depressed scars, the results are excellent, for it is first applied a… Continue Reading