Herbal treatment and natural products for pediculosis Body lice

Pediculosis is the name given to the disease caused by lice. These little pests are small insects, flattened, wingless, dermatological complications that occur in the scalp, hair and head. Lice state larva to nymph or adult louse in three weeks. They usually live about 30 days, during which time each female is capable of laying about 200 eggs. Continue Reading

First wrinkles: Natural home treatments to mitigate

Antiaging Recipes and Natural Products

The first wrinkles of the face are what make our most common gestures, those that make the skin fold louder. Wrinkles around the eyes realize all that we laughed in recent years, though initially only subtle lines hardly noticeable, after… Continue Reading

Dry, brittle hair: moisturize and strengthen it with almond oil and rosehip

Creams for cold weather jackets

It is very common for the long hair, dye or the hangover of summer and the pool becomes dry and brittle due to lack of hydration and nutrition. In general, both problems are compounded by our hair and ends in… Continue Reading

Homemade recipes to prevent and improve stretch marks

Stretch marks are a problem that mostly affects women, these lesions in the skin appear when you break the elastic fibers in the dermis and the body tries to generate and regenerate the scar. The striae are treatable when they… Continue Reading

Cosmetics containing royal jelly

Royal jelly has important benefits for the beauty and health of the body, as it carries many healing properties it is also used in the cosmetics industry, either to make creams, lotions and masks, also for the preparation of shampoo,… Continue Reading