Herbal treatment and natural products for pediculosis Body lice

Pediculosis is the name given to the disease caused by lice. These little pests are small insects, flattened, wingless, dermatological complications that occur in the scalp, hair and head. Lice state larva to nymph or adult louse in three weeks. They usually live about 30 days, during which time each female is capable of laying about 200 eggs. Continue Reading

Natural remedies and cures for spots and stains on skin

natural remedies and cures for stains and skin blemishes

Skin has pigmentation changes which are called stains. ¬†Stains appear due to various factors, pregnancy, genetics, excessive sun exposure are among many others. They are located different area of skin, blemishes as freckles, moles and age spots and each have… Continue Reading

Natural remedies to cure chilblains

Natural remedies to cure chilblains

Some of the most common advice to cure chilblains: Place 2 to 3 tablespoons of calendula to a liter of water and boil for 10 minutes, remove from heat. Add this infusion to bath water and wash the affected parts… Continue Reading

Top 3 home treatment to get hydrated and shiny hair

home treatment using natural oils to dry and dull hair

When hair cries out for restoration and no time to go to the beauty parlor, it is best to search the natural products that can be used for this purpose. You will just need oil, spices, herbs and fruits as… Continue Reading

Lemon verbena tea to lose weight and relieve digestive problems

Lemon verbena tea to lose weight

Have you tasted the natural solutions to various health problems stomach pains and sharp to help your diet? The lemon verbena tea is a natural remedy to relieve stomach cramps, indigestion and discomfort also it will help in the diets… Continue Reading

Dehydration and cracking of the skin

Dehydration and cracking of the skin

In the winter months, either cold, wind or dry conditions can lead to cracks in different parts of the body. Here are some tips to avoid such disturbance. What are the symptoms that cause cracks in the skin? The cracks… Continue Reading

Ear pain, alternative treatments Home remedies

Ear pain alternative treatments Home remedies

The ear pain is very common in children but can also affect people of all ages. Otitis or otitis externa is a middle ear infection, inflammation of the external ear canal. Ear pain is treatable and rarely causes complications. The… Continue Reading

Natural Remedies for Alopecia

Natural Remedies for Alopecia

About 3.5 million men who have between 20 and 45 years suffer from alopecia, the hair loss is 25% starting from age 25 to 50 are half of men who suffer from baldness. What is the ideal treatment to combat… Continue Reading