Metabolism and weight loss: how many calories you burn?

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Five slimming and anti cellulite foods

Red apples, yogurt, green tea, pink grapefruit, pineapple have the properties of the five allies to lose weight and cellulite. Discover with us the five super foods diet that should not be missing from your diet. Put them in your… Continue Reading

Losing weight with the diet of cherries

Cherries purify the blood draining the liver and are also excellent ally for those who want to lose weight, thanks to which they are rich in soluble fiber The virtues of cherries Cherries are powerful in purifying the blood, draining… Continue Reading

Losing weight is easy, if you do not upset your life

The diet you do without being on a diet Yes, the best diet is one that follows without noticing. It is the only diet that is doomed to fail , that does not give you extraordinary results in just one… Continue Reading

The Yes and No in the diet: how to keep fit

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Via the nervous hunger with balanced diet of vegetables and salad

The nervous hunger is due to psychological and biological causes, such as low blood sugar spikes, the attacks of hunger can be fought with the right diet. Food and emotions The link between food and emotions has now been demonstrated,… Continue Reading

Primary patterns in the diet for diabetics

In general, most people believe that diabetics have to follow a boring diet, little variety and very strict, but the truth is that those with diabetes can eat a healthy, pleasant and suitable for the whole family. What is important… Continue Reading