Adopting a child: paper work, roads and some requirements

Adopting a child

Some individuals and couples decide to adopt a child is because they can not have biological children or because they decide they prefer to experience motherhood and fatherhood in this way, giving it a home and a family to a… Continue Reading

The benefits of breastfeeding to lose weight postpartum

The benefits of breastfeeding to lose weight postpartum

The benefits of physical and emotional breastfeeding are extensive for both mother and child and are even supported by scientific studies. But despite this, many women choose artificial feeding. Breastfeeding not only helps the baby’s intellectual development, but helps the… Continue Reading

Postpartum and sexuality: how to recover the fullness of desire

The weeks following the birth of baby is chaos in all areas: first, the body is healing and recovering its shape, as you become accustomed to breastfeeding and sleep deprivation. And secondly, get home a new member and routine change… Continue Reading

Pedicure at Home: Tips and Tricks to make your feet beautiful

The feet always tend to be forgotten because they are not always visible or because too lazy to devote some pampering. But truth is that pretty feet make the charm of a woman, are feminine and delicate, which is why… Continue Reading

Smoking menopause forward 4 years and decreases fertility

Women who smoke may suffer complications thousands of health and beauty, but beyond that reproductive capacity is also affected. According to studies conducted by the Assisted Reproduction Clinic Ginefiv of Madrid, Spain, the smoke may reach menopause forward 4 years,… Continue Reading