Home remedies for Frigidity or female sexual dysfunction

Frigidity also called female sexual dysfunction refers to the inability of women to achieve orgasm during a satisfying relationship. It is characterized by a general lack of sexual desire and response to sexual stimuli. Causes of frigidity include what cause… Continue Reading

Risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease

No one should be exposed to the risk of being infected by a sexually transmitted disease or STD, but if you fall in this situation, or occurs if using protection, the condom has broken or is any situation as a… Continue Reading

The failure and its causes in undergraduate college

The failure and its causes in undergraduate college

The degree of school failure is a very extensive, with multiple sources, and it must be treated from different perspectives. Sometimes failure in undergraduate college in early age can give for undiagnosed vision problem or bored. But you can also… Continue Reading

How to renew your sex life with your life partner

Always the same day, at the same time and in the same place. Please, a little imagination ! If your sex life languishes because of the monotony, get to work, talk it over with your partner, change of attitude and… Continue Reading