Home remedies for Frigidity or female sexual dysfunction

Frigidity also called female sexual dysfunction refers to the inability of women to achieve orgasm during a satisfying relationship. It is characterized by a general lack of sexual desire and response to sexual stimuli. Causes of frigidity include what cause… Continue Reading

Risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease

No one should be exposed to the risk of being infected by a sexually transmitted disease or STD, but if you fall in this situation, or occurs if using protection, the condom has broken or is any situation as a… Continue Reading

Five tips to seduce your man

Five tips to seduce your man

The seduction is an art that must be continually polished to obtain the desired results. The truth is that we are all different and have different weapons of seduction. The good thing is know how to use at the right… Continue Reading

Tips to consider before living with a partner

It is time dream finally you’re going to live with your partner. You are wanting to spend every waking minute with him, having to walk over with clothes and forth, you can cuddle every night … wake up! This big… Continue Reading

Coping with nerves and stress during your wedding preparations

Overwhelmed by wedding preparations, expenses and family interventions future spouses may have reactions of hostility, indifference and escape. Their relationship can enter into crisis because of the so-called pre-wedding stress . As the days go by and that date gets… Continue Reading

Herpes Simplex: transmission routes, symptoms and treatment

The herpes simplex is an infectious inflammatory disease characterized by skin lesions consisting of small vesicles grouped in clusters and surrounded by a red halo. It is caused by the virus herpes simplex, or herpes simplex virus, which affects the… Continue Reading

Postpartum and sexuality: how to recover the fullness of desire

The weeks following the birth of baby is chaos in all areas: first, the body is healing and recovering its shape, as you become accustomed to breastfeeding and sleep deprivation. And secondly, get home a new member and routine change… Continue Reading