How do you get a boil and how to treat it?

How do you get a boil

If this is the first time you have a boil or if you are not sure yet what this kind of grain that you have left in the skin and cause you pain, will help you to recognize and… Continue Reading

Diamond peeling and its various applications

The peeling or dermabrasion with diamond is based on mechanical removal and control of the surface layers of the skin. It is a gentle exfoliation that promotes cell regeneration and increased collagen production. Moreover, peeling can achieve an increase in… Continue Reading

Homemade recipes to prevent and improve stretch marks

Stretch marks are a problem that mostly affects women, these lesions in the skin appear when you break the elastic fibers in the dermis and the body tries to generate and regenerate the scar. The striae are treatable when they… Continue Reading

Argan oil massage to prevent and fade stretch marks

Argan oil is a product with many benefits for health and body image, so it is used from time immemorial to the body aesthetic care, Moroccan women have used it as night cream for centuries, and today this product assumed… Continue Reading

Types and colors of markers for each type of imperfection

The spell is an invaluable tool in the art of makeup, in its correct use can hide many imperfections and get a skin of uniform appearance, practically flawless. But it is important to know that the spell comes in different… Continue Reading

Makeup for oily skin: how and what kind of products to use

The make up a skin fat is not an easy task because in producing a large amount of sebum the skin becomes shiny, the makeup tends to run out and so quickly noticeable imperfections. Oily skin is characterized by large… Continue Reading