Creams, masks and coconut-based products for dry skin

Coconut is a food that has many beneficial properties for skin, pure oil is applied directly or with cream provides softness to the dermis, hydrates, nourishes and relaxes, for its part, the pulp an excellent exfoliant and a powerful emollient.… Continue Reading

How to make up the skin very pale and tanned: tips and color palette

The makeup is one of the best weapons we have to always look gorgeous and beautiful. It helps to highlight the virtues as well as to hide our faults, large or small those imperfections that both hate. In this case… Continue Reading

Skin types or biotypes

The skin is young and not the same as in adolescence, and need daily care to come from premature aging, protect against climate change, pollution and other factors that assaulted her. With just a few minutes of attention can help… Continue Reading

Tea tree oil for fungal infections – skin fungus control in a natural way

Anyone suffering from skin fungi can use tea tree oil for fungal infections, allowing oil applied neat or diluted to the affected area. Skin fungus is often an unpleasant, associated with severe itching, matter that you would like to know… Continue Reading

Ultrasonic Peeling skin with imperfections

There are no excuses for not correcting the imperfections of the skin , in addition to traditional treatments of beauty facial, you can improve the appearance of your skin with ultrasonic peeling. This treatment is one that gives better results… Continue Reading


Lymphatic drainage facial to deflate the face

The lymphatic drainage facial massage is performed, energetic and circular epidermal level, not painful and has no side effects. Notably, not a technique that can be made by anyone, only a qualified professional can perform because if done wrong it can cause problems

The lymphatic drainage facial to deflate the face is based on the expert maneuvers undertaken to facilitate fluid drainage and disposal of toxic substances, while conducive to cellular repair. The lymphatic drainage facial massage is performed, energetic and circular epidermal… Continue Reading

Apogee laser hair removal in only 3 short sessions

The Apogee laser is one that offers better results in regards to permanent hair removal, is highly effective for hair removal from legs and underarms. Moreover, the versatility of long pulse allows to safely treat darker skin without causing burns… Continue Reading

Nova shape to model the figure

Novashape Ultracavitation is a treatment, or also known as liposuction without surgery. This is an excellent technology in ultrasound body contouring using new high-power generation and to eliminate localized fat. Thanks to ultrasound applied to the outer surface of the… Continue Reading

Home treatments for caffeine-basedcellulite

On many occasions we have talked about cellulite, its causes, severity factors, and habits that help reduce or stop its progress. It is known that a naturally occurring element have very good effects in the fight against the “orange-skin” is… Continue Reading