48% of people seeking to buy a Smartphone in the next 90 days aspires to have an iPhone

According to the results of a survey by ChangeWave, 48 per cent of those who seek buy a Smartphone in the next 90 days aspires to have an iPhone. In addition, 46 per cent of those who intend to buy… Continue Reading

Samsung is proud to announce that it has sold more than 3 million units Galaxy S II

Samsung has announced with pride that has sold over 3 million units worldwide (from its initial release) of its Smartphone, Galaxy S II . Therefore, the new S II has become the best selling smartphone in the history of the… Continue Reading

Birth of the first phone based on facebook

If there are two things that have marked the evolution of Internet access in recent years are social networks and the ability to access the network through mobile devices. And now the company HTC has decided to combine both, with… Continue Reading

iPhone iAugment, virtual breast augmentation in iPhone

If you are not in accordance with the size of your breasts or you’re curious about how you would look if you perform a breast augmentation, the application for the iPhone: iPhone iAugment can help you decide. iAugment iPhone is… Continue Reading

Google I/O: Chromebook announced, available from June 15

The Google Chromebook has become a reality. The CR-48 notebook with Google Chrome OS was announced in December 2010, but the version for mass production, called simply Chromebook, has been revealed only to the Google I / O 2011. The… Continue Reading