Instagram, the photo app, could be in Windows Phone 8

Instagram, the photo app, could become Windows Phone 8

One of the most valued and beloved applications by users of the two main platforms could be considering expanding to the third question. It is the application of photographic filters known as Instagram, which, after a long period of exclusivity on iPhone, came to Android last April and could now also landed in the Windows Phone 8. It is surely a glad news for the owners of windows phone mobiles like Nokia Lumia etc. Continue Reading

Kiwili, a new web application for project and business management

The Montreal Company Kiwili just launched this week its web application dedicated to self-employed and small business which seeks to facilitate the management of quotations, invoicing, expenditure tracking, project management and accounting reports and time. Better organize and communicate better… Continue Reading

Google YouTube transform with the creation of thematic channels

By offering such a service, YouTube hopes to retain the loyalty and obviously longer on its Internet site in order to attract advertisers working in the medium of television, a market estimated at 70 billion U.S. dollars. Currently, the average time spent each day on YouTube is 15 minutes. Google's site is the 3rd most visited website in the world, with 111 million unique visitors.

The Internet giant is taking drastic measures to develop its distribution platform for video content. An investment of $ 100 million will enable it to produce professional quality videos exclusively for the web, reports the Wall Street Journal today April… Continue Reading