6 Reasons Why the Haters are good for Web Marketing

hater bring attention and conversation around the brand

Many times it happens that a customer hesitate to start with a Web Marketing campaign on social networks to a very specific reason: the negative comments. Apart from the usual speeches that the web is open, two-way, which is not… Continue Reading

Facebook just to the theory of Six degrees

Surely more than once you’ve been surprised to see two people you know from completely different fields are friends on Facebook. This was marked by the theory of six degrees, indicating that any person was related to another for a… Continue Reading

F8, the Facebook developer conference

Facebook developer conference will take place on September 22 in the city of San Francisco (California) and the tickets are on sale. This is an event in which the company presents its intentions regarding the new features of your preferred… Continue Reading

12 Exclusive Business Social Networks

Today you have 12 exclusive social network for business; the first is Biznik and it is to share ideas. Users “meet” online and in person, because there’s nothing like the power of a meeting face to face for long-lasting business… Continue Reading

Tagdef dot com: know the meaning of hashtags

Those who are starting to move a little in this of Twitter and have not yet mastered too, can see that for a while there is a tendency to use words preceded by a # when it comes to certain… Continue Reading

Social networks: do you have any regrets?

The answer is “yes” for the U.S. Internet, if one relies on a survey commissioned by the site Retrevo. The results of this survey, as many as one in three Americans said he regretted the publication of a photo or… Continue Reading

Avoid problems with social networks

There is much talk lately about the problems that can cause us that our photographs and personal information is exposed to the public through social networks. However, if we watch a few details can be quite easy to avoid complications… Continue Reading